Shibori Felt by Bernice Mitchell

Tuesday 16 November 2021

Soil (Re)Cycling Exhibition, Christchurch NZ


Soil (Re)Cycling

Art Exhibition: A World Soils day event

Eastside Gallery, Linwood Arts, 388 Worcester St, Christchurch.  30 Nov- 18 Dec 2021.

Soil is vital to life on Earth. The soil’s role in recycling nutrients, and wastes, is an important part of sustaining life on Earth, providing renewal and new growth, in the dance between life and death. 


                                 RIMU-ROOT Juergen Esperschuetz. Reclaimed rimu with soil in resin.

DUST TO DUST, Allan Hewitt
Acrylic on Canvas

The exhibition celebrates the variety, and intrinsic beauty, of soils in our landscapes in the context of both art and science.   It is also a celebration of World Soil Day (5th December) and reminds us about the importance of soil in our daily lives for food, fuel, and fibre production, as well as maintaining biodiversity and water quality.

 The artists featured in this exhibition, Juergen Esperschuetz, Megan Balks, and Allan Hewitt, are all also soil scientists. To illustrate the importance of soil cycles the artworks include recycled metals and reclaimed timber, as well as wool, and the soil itself, as media.

Opening Event: 5.30-7pm Monday 29 November 2021

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm, free onsite parking.

Soil (Re)Cycling: 29 Nov - 18 Dec 2021 - Linwood Arts

Sunday 14 November 2021

Canberra Feltmakers Quirky Puppet Show

Puppets made by Canberra Region Feltmakers have come alive! 

Visit the Photographic Exhibition and Mini Movie Cinema

Please feel free to share this link. 

See more at:

Thursday 21 October 2021

Hat Blocks

 Barry Harding is retiring from his woodcraft work and has asked me to continue to provide the same service to all the people that require wooden hat blocks.  He has asked me to convey to all those craft people who have ordered hat blocks over the years a huge thank you and to wish them many more years of hat making.

My name is Paul Dangerfield and I live at 7 Spinnaker Drive, Flagstaff, Hamilton 3210.  My email address is and phone numbers are 07 853 2259 and 027 453 8690.

I will try and provide the same good services as Barry has.  My charges are:

               Round Hat Blocks $75

Oval Hat Blocks $145  and

Hat Stands a base for the hat block which allows the block to rotate (it will fit any blocks made by me) $50,

 plus courier costs to your address.

If it is convenient for you, then your items can be collected from my address

Please email me with your request indicating the size required (normally the circumference) and any other requirements you may have.

Monday 27 September 2021

Canberra Region Feltmakers, Canfeltalong, Virtual Exhibition


Exhibition open

A huge array of fabulous hand-made felted jewellery is on display in the virtual world. There are three ways you can see the wonderful work that has been produced by felt makers who took part in the Canfelt Along for Convergence: a promotional videovirtual gallery and Pinterest board.

In the  promotional video you can catch a glimpse of some of the works in the exhibition plus there is some information about the Canfelt Along. The virtual gallery is a curated selection of 58 photographs highlighting quality work from felt makers from around the world who took part in this project. On the Pinterest board you will find over 250 photographs showcasing the range of jewellery that was created. 

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoyed bringing this event together. Please feel free to share this email with family and friends.

Friday 6 August 2021

Dagmar Binder Online workshops

 Dear felt lovers,

due to high interest for the workshop series 3 collars – 3 felting techniques there will be new online courses available in fall / winter 2021. Many of you have already reserved a spot and received enrolment details today. There is a few places left, 2 in English, 3 in German for the full package of 3 workshops, and some for single courses. If you still like to participate, don't hesitate to contact me.

Find attached detailed PDF information about the courses and the online concept in general.

In my online concept I combine live hours via zoom with videos and PDF materials that are ment to guide and support you during individual working times. For our final show-and-tell I collect questions and tipps that came up spontaneously during the weekend and ask all participants to send a picture of their creations to have a foto gallery to watch together. You can also find an overview of them on my website, under workshops/students gallery.

Warm regards

textillabor felting workshops, live and online via Zoom

3 collars - 3 felting techniques – Fall 2021

In a little series of workshops you will have the opportunity to learn about 3 different felting techniques, that I'd like to introduce to you with 3 variations of felted neckpieces/collars.

Together we will explore fibre combinations and details in their layout to be able to define contours, stability and formability of our felt from the very beginning. With the help of resists or skillful combination of templates we will prepare surface structures or hollow chambers that can be unfolded later and form beautiful, voluminous collars. Contrasting colours, light and shadow effects, can add extra visual depth to these spatial forms.

Of course, later on you can use the techniques aquired in all kind of different felting context or dimensions, f.ex. on the surface of vessels, structures for wallhangings or original details for wearables.


In class 01 we will start with a relatively simple version and gradually increase complexity in 02 and 03. If you like to participate in all 3 classes you can improve and expand your skills, stepping from an easier on to more difficult levels and even use the weeks in between for further practising or experiments.

But you may also book only a single class. ( 1 workshop 139.- € / all 3 workshops in a package  375.- €)


No. 21/01         Ruffled collar

(Sep 18/19, 9-12°° CEST and Finale Sep 23, 9°°)

This collar with a relatively simple basic form disposes of several lamellae which can be stretched and draped in smoothly ruffled layers. We will practise a targeted layout for an elastic type of felt in a seamless 3d version. Even with only little felting experience you can dare to make a 3-4 lamellae collar and would receive a beautiful and attractive result.

The faster or more experienced of you may want to add some extra resists and integrate additional partial layers or petals (right picture).

No. 21/10         Feather or petal collar

(Oct 16/17, 9-12°° CEST and Finale Oct 21, 9°°)

For a collar with feathers or petals we will build a 3d structure of many small elements on the surface of a basic form. We will focus on a precise and fine layout of all single "ingredients", clear contours and a

harmonic position of all feathers on the base. With a complex composition like this we should take good care when starting the felting process itself, to keep control of all components included and make sure they would all connect properly.

You should have some prior experience working with resists (or, to make it a bit easier, begin with a version with not too many feathers).

No. 21/12         Calyx collar

(Dec 11/12, 9-12°° CET and Finale Dec 16, 9°°)

Our 3rd and most challenging version is dealing with a composition of a number of small hollow forms . With the help of templates we will prepare many small cones or cups and combine them into a seamless necklace or collar.  This requires an especially fine and clear layout and you will practise to work precisely with fine amounts of wool and small-scale patterns.

A project for experienced felters (or recommended in combination with No. 21/01 and 02 to develop your skills  step by step).


Each collar can be made during one weekend within ca. 4-6 h daily.

Those who like to work at a slower pace will have time to catch up after our Zoom meetings or finish their collar until the following thursday 18 h, when you are welcome to join our final coffee- or tea-time where we can look at your new creations and discuss last remaining questions. Usually I ask all participants for a photo of their creations and arrange a gallery for us to look at.


Which materials do I need?

With your ticket you will receive a list of materials and working utensils needed and can prepare your workspace beforehand.

In general it's the usual felting equipment: bubble wrap (or felting mat), foam roller, plastic gauze (fly-screen, PE-curtain)

2 large garbage bags for resists, sprinkler bottle, soap, water, towels

scissors, tape measures, a felting needle and sponge for repair situations (or needle and sewing thread) pen and paper to take notes

materials for 1 collar: ca. 100- 180 g fine merino tops (roving 18 mic), colour choice is up to you!

Merino/silk blends are suitable as well.

Optional some silk fibres, to add some brilliance and colour intensity

Workspace required:  for class 01 und 02:  140 cm long  and min. 50 cm wide, for class 03: ca. 60x60cm and don't forget a suitable place for your laptop nearby.

How does this online class work?

Every workshop weekend we will meet for 3 hours a day in a real time Zoom meeting, where we will start our project together. In my studio I have installed a well visible workspace with Webcam and prepared some short videos with demonstrations of the different steps.

We'll talk about all working phases for the day, prepare resists/templates together, see how to handle and layout the wool and you will start your work as well. This way we can talk about all questions that might pop up in the group, until you feel confident to continue on your own. After the group session you have time to finish the task of the day at your own pace ( depending on your personal way of working and amount of details in your collar, maybe another 1-3 h)

There will be videos of all working steps, that we can use during the live meetings and they'll stay accessible for you another 2 months in the Zoom cloud.

You will also receive a PDF handout with a summary of the main phases of the project.

All these collars contain a lot of repetative elements , which you can easily carry out on your own after practising together during the Zoom hours.

Next day we will meet again and start with the felting process.

(In general, day 1 will be reserved for the layout, day 2 for composition of all components and felting.) The following thursday evening you are welcome to join us for a  final gathering to have a look at all the new creations and discuss questions that might still be there.

You can sign in for a German or English group that are – considering time zones - scheduled for different times of the day . Each group is limited to 10 participants.

How do I book my ticket?

For reservation requests please send me an e-mail with your name, e-mail, phone-nr. and the workshop No. (German or English) to

At the moment I will register reservations and start with the booking/payment process only in August.

I check my mailbox daily and within usually 24 h you'd receive a confirmation mail with informations around the class and account details for paying your workshop fees.

As soon as your payment has arrived to my account, your ticket will be confirmed.

If the workshop would have to be cancelled for some unforeseen reason, your payment will be refunded. If you need a tax-deductable invoice, please send me the related address as well.

Technical requirements

You need a stable internet connection and a laptop or tablet with camera and microphone (or a separate webcam and headset). You can participate with a smartphone, too, but would see details better on a larger screen. Don't forget to charge your batteries or keep your laptop plugged.

It would be helpful to install the Zoom App on your device beforehand. It is free and you don't need to create your own account there.

With confirmation of your ticket you will receive an e-mail with the Zoom link to our meeting and an entrance code.

Just join the meeting, enter your name (which will be visble with your image during the session) and enter the meeting with video. This would be nice, so we can all see each other. If you prefer not to allow the video, you can enter with audio only.

A tipp: if your internet connection would be shaky, it may help to switch your router off and on again to do a reset.

Can I practise using Zoom?

If you like to test Zoom you can do it with the free Basic version. Online meetings with one other person are unlimited and free of charge, with more participants in the meeting, you'll have 40min for free.

On demand I will arrange a test meeting a few days before the workshop where you can test how it works. Please let me know if you want to take part in it, to send you the link.

With any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, best by e-mail!

Dagmar Binder

textillabor – Am Flutgraben 3 – 12435 Berlin web: mail: phone: +49 176 78 562580

Monday 5 July 2021



We are excited to bring you this new concept combining fun, a little mystery, some novel felting techniques and the opportunity to display your work in an exhibition. Here is a chance to try something a little different.

How does it work?

Each week, for one month, you will be sent clues by different feltmakers for making wild and wacky beads (or at least small felted objects that can hang from a string) for a necklace. The clues will include short videos demonstrating techniques or written notes and photos. You will be able to ask questions if anything needs extra explaining. There are no set times. You can work on the project when it is convenient to you.

While these clues will take you through the overall process, there will also be the opportunity to use your own design creativity. This is not an exercise in everyone creating an identical item although there will be similarities.

The profits from Canfelt Along For Convergence will be provided to the organisers of the Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence following the Felt Road convergence planned to be held in Canberra, ACT Australia in 2023.


Before the Canfelt Along for Convergence begins you will be given a materials list including some ideas for colour combinations. Many of the materials can probably be sourced from your stash. 

Skill level

A basic knowledge of how felt is made is assumed. The instructions will be in English.


Registration (with a $25 fee) is essential. This event is open to all felt makers. 

Anyone in the world can join us!

Register now
PS: If you would like to catch a glimpse of works created as a result of CRF's inaugural Canfelt Along take a peek at this short video

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Felting workshops 2021 with Bernice Mitchell

 Hi everyone, I have been flat out with our Taranaki Fibreworks Exhibition lately plus other things, but I plan to offer some workshops in 2021, perhaps march to May, here in Taranaki. 

We have a great venue at Eltham Presbyterian Campsite,  offering both accommodation and large hall, where we've run several workshops before.

I hoped to have everything sorted to post about workshops now but family happenings have come up (such as Napier flooding of my daughter's property) so I can't put the full info yet, but I thought I'd put some things out there to see if people are interested.

With accommodation onsite we can easily do 2 days or even 3

I thought sleeveless tops and or tunics might be something fun to do, I don't have pics on laptop right now but will add later.

Or an embellished waistcoat like I'm wearing and the black and red one

Or the silk painted Floral Art wrap/wall art

Or for single days, the Felt to Dye painted scarf  as in photo below with me, floral Art scarf, or Ruffled scarf as in photos below

 or even make 2 nuno felted silk scarves, one of which we can do a Botanical Print/dye on and while we wait for that to cook and cool we make the second scarf to take home 2 scarves in one day!


email me at

Saturday 25 April 2020

Lockdown and We Will Remember Them

here's a net scarf I tried, it was fun to create, very stretchy as you can see and versatile!
also as it's ANZAC day I was going to make a poppy or two and then I remembered the red and black flowers I'd tried to make for a cushion many many years ago, when i wasn't as experienced. They were too floppy so I pulled them out and thought, they'd be appropriate to put in my window, then Thought, actually I'll give them a bit of hot, hard work fulling and strengthen them up a bit. She here they are, and I popped them in my workroom window which faces the street.
A great uncle of mine died in WW2 and an uncle spent a year or two in an Italian Prisoner of War camp,

 We Will Remember Them

Sunday 5 April 2020

Lockdown Wall Hanging

Many of us are happily using our new 'free time' to explore our craft and also finish projects previously started.
Here is a beautiful wall hanging by Kathy Love, which she started at our  Wellington Area Felting Retreat in Waikanae in February
Please send me photos you would be happy to share on our blog, 
happy felting :)

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Creating whilst in Lockdown

Hi Felty friends
i sent an email out to all on our NZ Felting Interest group to send photos of what they were making while in Home detention and our very first one arrived back IMMEDIATELY!

It's good to keep lighthearted whilst maintaining the best procedures in this serious situation.

Here's Susan Shand's COVI
in Incubation