Shibori Felt by Bernice Mitchell

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Lockdown and We Will Remember Them

here's a net scarf I tried, it was fun to create, very stretchy as you can see and versatile!
also as it's ANZAC day I was going to make a poppy or two and then I remembered the red and black flowers I'd tried to make for a cushion many many years ago, when i wasn't as experienced. They were too floppy so I pulled them out and thought, they'd be appropriate to put in my window, then Thought, actually I'll give them a bit of hot, hard work fulling and strengthen them up a bit. She here they are, and I popped them in my workroom window which faces the street.
A great uncle of mine died in WW2 and an uncle spent a year or two in an Italian Prisoner of War camp,

 We Will Remember Them

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