Shibori Felt by Bernice Mitchell

Monday, 18 November 2019

Visitors to NZ Write for information

Hello Felters;
My wife Cholpon and I plan on visiting New Zealand In February 2020. We are felters. gathering sheep wool from local farmers where we live in Gig Harbor, Washington State USA. We go through the process to make felted hats, scarves, tunics, blouses and dresses. For the past 15 years we have attended art shows along the pacific coast including Canada and a number of shows in the mid west.
Cholpon is originally from Kyrgyzstan and grew up making items from sheep wool. Now she is carry’s out the family tradition of designing and making wool items for the US market.
In February of 2020 we would like to travel to New Zealand for a month to celebrate our wedding anniversary and learn what we can about New Zealand’s sheep farms and the Felting arts and artist.
We would appreciate any help as to where to go to see felt artist at work, places to stay, and to sheep farms.
You reply would be greatly appreciated
Jon Ortgiesen/Cholpon Djumabaeva
Ph 253 8577890

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  1. Hi Jon and Cholpon. I can give you some ideas. If you let me know your email address and travel route, I can email you the links and suggestions.
    Cheers, Sabin